Chris Jaymes // Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

Chris Jaymes // Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

It’s Our Responsibility to Care For What We’ve Been Blessed With…

Let’s educate one another
& put energy into solutions,
as opposed to complaints.

Before joining an argument,
it’s important to understand it.

Below are some things worth watching if you haven’t already…

Starting With Elephants…

Poachers & Elephant Rides

If you knew what an elephant went through in order for us to ride them…
You would never do it again.

Breaking an Elephant. Difficult to Watch. Important to Understand.

On Poaching, If You Haven’t Seen it…

If you find yourself in Northern Thailand…
Visit Elephant Nature Park

Sharks & Ocean Extinction

Chris Jaymes // Mo'orea

Chris Jaymes // Mo'orea

Sharks are being decimated from illegal fishing practices and shark finning. We need them for a healthy ecosystem. I recommend meeting some in person and changing your perspective.

If you’re in Hawaii, book an open ocean, uncaged free dive with: One Ocean Diving

Reality of Extinction… Shark Finning, etc..

Amazing Effort to Save the Vaquita

Let’s Consciously Create a Thriving Future
For The Remainder of Our Time…