A glimpse into the development
of an award-winning screenplay…
that has yet to be made,
but has led to so much more

“Most people don’t see the work that goes into developing an idea…
and in reality, the development stages are where the majority of work is done.”

After months of research and arduous rewrites, the storyboarding begins.
With the help of Aaron Sims Creative…


Which leads to… Concept Art

a basic story board…

…and Pre-Vis of that storyboard.

Visit Aaron Sims Creative to see more of their amazing work.

And after all that…
The screenplay was acknowledged
as a Semi-Finalist by the

Academy of Motion Picture
Arts & Sciences
Nicholl Fellowship Award

More than just a movie…

Meeting the Hoagland family changed my life, and what began as a screenplay has evolved to finding solutions for marine mammals and the ocean as a whole.
— Chris Jaymes
Joe Hoagland & Chris Jaymes // Island Dolphin Care

Joe Hoagland & Chris Jaymes // Island Dolphin Care

While doing research for a possible screenplay, Chris found himself in Key Largo where he met Joe and Deena Hoagland, founders of a non-profit organization called Island Dolphin Care, and the family that the screenplay came to be about.

Years later, Jaymes now works alongside the Hoagland family and their organization to help find solutions for the future of their animals, as well as, the ocean habitat as a whole, which stimulated the beginning of a concept… The Ocean Aquarium.