A Possible Future for Ocean Science


With a firm understanding of our planet’s current situation and the need for ocean healing, the Ocean Aquarium presents a concept that can at least beginning discussions for the next stage of ocean science and the regeneration needed to sustain a thriving planet.

Oceanic White Tip: Mo’orea

Oceanic White Tip: Mo’orea

Instead of recreating the oceans inside aquariums,
the ocean must become the aquarium.
— Chris Jaymes

The Ocean Aquarium is a movement that would bring key ocean experts from around the globe, working together with top universities, focusing on select ocean habitats around the globe,
with a single unified vision.

Zoologists • Fish Farmers • Marine Mammal Experts • Planktonic Scientists • Biological Oceanographers • Reef Restoration Experts • Conservationists • Husbandry Experts • Aquarium Experts • Molecular Biologists • Reef Modelers • Hatchery Experts

Collaborating Globally
in Multi-Disciplinary Laboratories
With & Without Walls


How It Works…

1. Define Key Ocean Locations
Within Proximity to Participating Universities…
(Puako, Hawaii, Florida Keys, La Jolla, CA)

2. Construct a Small Infrastructure
Basic Housing & Lab Resources for Students, Scientists, & Interns in all Fields

3. Align Current Communities
Universities, Ocean & Marine Science Industries
Tying together commercial and academic interest

4. Create Public Participation & Revenue
Ecotourism, Volunteer-based travel & experiences
Supported by an ongoing Documentary Series

5. Expand Globally
Until Ocean Aquariums exist across the planet
and the Ocean is cared for as meticulously as an aquarium.


The purpose of The Ocean Aquarium is to transform global ocean environments into living aquariums to save our ecosystem, heal our oceans, and provide solutions for animals currently living in the care of humans that need future homes.

The Most Important Ocean Experiment in Documented History


Regenerating Our Oceans

The Ocean Aquarium will spread globally as teams around the world work collaboratively to stimulate an environment that will allow nature to implement some expedited healing tactics.


Solutions for the Future of Marine Mammals

Understanding that marine animals living in captive environments are our responsibility, The Ocean Aquarium will advance our ability to allow animals to live out their lives in controlled, natural habitats.


The Evolution of an Industry

By creating ocean hubs at various locations around the globe, scientists can focus their studies in real world situations in progressive environments, with collaborative groups applying their expertise across a spectrum of the layered ecosystem.


Get Involved

 We must stimulate a newfound awareness… and redefine the global perspective to embrace the idea that our oceans must be approached and cared for with the same care and concern as that of a fragile aquarium.

For thoughts & further interest: theoceanaquarium@gmail.com