It seems that there are people who were
blessed to feel a part of things from the beginning…

That they were somehow wanted
within the realm of their surroundings…

And possibly even some who
never questioned whether they were
where they were supposed to be…
Or why.

I, of course, was not one of those people.


As a participant living on the side of
intrinsic & eternal questioning of most things,

I have relentlessly imposed myself into
situations where I could observe others
and attempt to make sense of their situations …

And as much as I am intrigued with creations of nature,
I’m more intrigued by the creations of man.

Not only their manufactured creations within the world,
but the individuals that they’ve created themselves to be.

Moving forward with the goal of
Humanizing one another

in the face of an aggressive,
trending surge of Global Polarization…

To bring awareness to our likenesses
and diminish the delusional,
fear-inducing idea that we are
in opposition of others humans…

The Human Common Project
will begin shortly.

But for now, I just wanted you to realize that…


“We Are Human First
We are the team…
as a species.

You are my team…
and I am yours.

No life is worth the expense of a idea..
This is not a political thing.
Or a partisan thing.
This is a human thing."

More to Come…