a few highlights from the last decades


Written & Directed by…


Long Story Short

CBC: Hour Long Scripted Comedy starring Martin Short.

Directed by Chris Jaymes.

Making a Scene

CBC: Hour-Long Scripted Comedy starring William Shatner, Christopher Plummer & more

Written & Directed by Chris Jaymes

Lost Poster.jpg


Season 4: La Fleur

Yes... Blessed to Have a Moment on this amazing show as an actor.

In Memory of My Father

Feature Length Comedy
Winner of 10 Awards Internationally, including Best Film at multiple festivals.

Written, Produced, & Directed
by Chris Jaymes

Bad Samaritans

Netflix: Half-Hour Comedy Pilot

Directed by Chris Jaymes. Produced by Walt Becker & Fox Digitial

Fun Short Stuff…

For not-for-profits, such as the SAG Foundation & Island Dolphin Care


More Projects Listed Here…



Sons of Chaos

an epic graphic novel surrounding the Greek Revolution of 1821

written & created by Chris Jaymes
art by Ale Aragon

Boxing Day

An immersion into the 2004 tsunami and insight into what disaster actually consists of.

written by Chris Jaymes

& a bit of music…



Blessed to get to play piano for one of my best friends for the first Bootstraps tour.